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• Diagnostics, Testing and Repair Quotes: Although most diagnostics require an hour or two, we can typically test and determine the cause of failure or problems right away.  We'll run a series of diagnostic tests and contact you with an estimate or quote on repair and remedy.

• SSD Hard Drive Upgrades: We can replace your original hard drive with a lightning-fast SSD (Solid State Drive).  SSD's are more reliable and in some cases 10X's faster than standard SATA hard drives found in many older (pre-2014) MacBook systems.  We'll install the new SSD and transfer all APP's and User files to the new drive.  In most cases, we can do same-day service!

• RAM Upgrades: Most of today's OS X versions really need 8GB's of memory in order to operate properly- anything less than 8GB's and you'll see the spinning ball constantly.  We can upgrade most older iMacs and MacBooks- it takes five minutes and we can do it while you wait!

• OS X Upgrades: Although you don't have to do every new OS X upgrade when it appears, it's a good idea to keep somewhat up to date- this helps with security and most web sites and internet APPs require up to date browsers.  We can upgrade your system, your browsers and all the background APPs to make sure your system is safe and up do date!

• Virus Scans: For many years, Macs just didn't get viruses however that's no longer the case.  Macs can get viruses and malware!  We can install antivirus software that will scan and clean your hard drive and keep it clean from now on!


• Liquid and Damage Repairs

• Training and Seminars

• On Site Services:  In-Home & In-Office

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why Castle Mac Service?

Castle Mac Service is Albany's CERTIFIED MACINTOSH TECHNICIAN.  We are the Capital Region's ORIGINAL Mac-only Service Center offering hardware repairs and tech support services in the Upstate NY Region for OVER 38 YEARS- Since 1983- one of the THE OLDEST IN THE US!

Although we are truly flattered to be imitated, Castle Mac is Albany's Mac Service Center! Over the years we've seen everyone from former employees to "basement techs" get into the business but only Castle has the integrity, expertise and experience to service your Mac!


Read More About Castle Mac Service History!

Do I need an appointment to get service at Castle?

Yes!  Due to the large volume of calls and requests we receive, all service is offered by appointment.  Unlike some local techs, we have an actual workshop and we have varying in-shop hours so it's best to call ahead to make sure we're available when you arrive.  Diagnostics and services take time but we'll do our best to solve your problem as soon as possible!


How long does most service take?

Most service can be done "same-day" or within 24 hours however there are circumstances that are beyond our control such as inventory availability and timing issues.  We truly recognize our client's reliance on their computers so we'll make every effort possible to get your system up and running as soon as possible!

Does Castle work on iPhones or iPads?

Sorry, but we do not offer services on iPhones or iPads.  One should contact Apple directly for these services.


Does Castle offer Data Recovery Service?

We do offer data recovery services!  In many cases, a drive may have minor problems to the extent we can recover data with utilities and know-how.  In cases where the hard drive is grinding, squealing or not running at all, it may be necessary to send the drive to a "professional data recovery company" where the drive would be disassembled and "clinically" recovered.

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